Objective of Software by MaBe is to produce high-quality, well designed, crafted (Clean-Code) and tested (TDD) software that meets the customers needs though agile processes and short feedback loops.
Reliable software development patterns (GoF) and principles (SOLID) are used throughout to achieve the best possible result.

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Computers and technical things in general were my interest since I am a small boy. This is why I studied computer science at the "Georg-Simon Ohm" Univerity of Applied Science in Nuremberg (Bavaria, Germany) where I finished with a degree of "Diplom Informatiker (FH)".

My experiences includes:

Object-oriented software development
- Expert in object-oriented languages, design patterns and principles.
- Know-how in computer languages, mainly: Java, Scala, Groovy, Kotlin, C#, Objective-C, Swift. Including the related runtimes and frameworks (JRE, .Net, Cocoa).
- Know-how in applying well known design patterns like GoF (Gang of Four).
- Know-how in applying the SOLID principles.

Test-driven development (TDD)
Applying the practice of test-driven development with "tests-first" using unit- and integration testing to minimize software errors.

Web development
Know-how in Java EE based web development including JSF (JavaServer Faces), JPA, JDO, EJB and Apache Wicket.
Also good experience in ASP.NET based web application development.

Mac related development
Expert in Objective-C and Swift object oriented software development with Cocoa and Foundation frameworks on macOS.

iOS related development
Expert in Objective-C and Swift object oriented software development with CocoaTouch for iOS.

Android related development
Advanced knowledge and experience in Android app development.

- General software related subjects
- Software construction (architecture, implementation and test)
- Agile principles and methodologies like refactoring, test-driven development

Hardware-oriented software development
Developed and worked with bootloaders (redboot, armboot, u-boot) for embedded systems, mostly ARM based, including: ARM-7, XScale and IXP-425.
Development of Linux kernel-drivers for said systems.
Setup and maintenance Montavista based embedded Linux systems.
Used programming languages: ARM assembler, m68k assembler, PPC assembler, C