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06/27/2018  |  Software  | 

Do you cook? Sometimes?
Consider this:
You cook, often, every day.
What do you do in your kitchen? You certainly clean up. Why?
Because if you don't, the next time you cook you have less place to prepare your stuff, also your utensils are still dirty. At some point you are unable to cook anymore.
Not to forget, the natural left-overs that you have lying there start to rot.

Now, do you think there are similarities with coding? I think there are.

When you implement features in your application, you naturally produce mess. Similarly as when you cook.
This mess has the form of too tightly coupled code, bad names for variables, classes and methods, classes and methods that do too much and don't separate concerns; violations of 'Single Responsibility Principle' and 'Open-Closed Principle'.
This then kind of 'rots' because developers are scared to touch it later and break something. Especially if you don't have test cases.
What happens is that it takes longer and longer to add new features. Or to change features.

Don't let that happen. Clean up your kitchen immediately.


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