iKnow & Manage changelog

Version 1.6.0:
- General project updates to compile and run under recent Xcode and macOS (High Sierra) versions.
- Hash and encryption has been changed to use Apples frameworks CommonCrypto.
- Updated version of Sparkle.

Version 1.4.3:
- Fixed a problem with alarm recalculation on dismissing the alarm notifier which could cause a crash.

Version 1.4.2:
- Fixed instability with RTF editor.

Version 1.4.1:
- Removed Mac OSX 10.4 compatibility.
- Fixed window resize draw issue.
- Added splitview with thin dividers.
- Removed left side bard counters.

Version 1.4.0:
- Added PDF value type including PDF previewer.
- Added images for internal/external/encrypted data indication in the value table view.
- Added german localization.
- Fixed drag&drop from value list view.
- Fixed a problem in the image previewer where the image size constrains were not correct.
- Fixed right side bar size problems.
- Fixed a problem in single instance storage.
- Left side bar items now show number of sub items and values.
- Reorganization of left side bar items.
- Gradient highlight in left side bar.
- Split view dividers are now thiner.
- Replaced search string text box.
- Many UI enhancements and improvements.
- Many code optimizations, enhancements.
- Minor bug fixes in the dynamic element database.

Version 1.3.0:
- update to Sqlite version 3.6.16
- using Keychain to store default encryption password
- new version of Growl included
- automatic updater based on Sparkle framework for more convenient updating
- removed info drawer and panel. Added right sidebar on main window instead
- fixes to alarm notification window
- many UI enhancements and updates

Version 1.2.0:
- update to Sqlite version 3.4.2
- Single Instance storage. Default Single Instance size threshold is 1 kbyte.
That means all values that are larger in byte size than 1 kbyte are stored in SI mechanism. This is a first step towards a Document Management System that will be build within iKnow & Manage.
- new date picker control that is available with Tiger and later is now used
- HTML generation for print view has been reimplemented in ObjC instead of Perl
- new version of Growl and RBSplitView
- fixed problem with EText and EURO symbol - and of course this version is compatible with Mac OSX Leopard

Version 1.1.2:
- some fixes to Growl alarm notification.
- new version of Sqlite to 3.3.9

Version 1.1.1:
- fixed RTF and RTFD export for ExtendedText item and in "save as" option in editor.
- fixed alarm date calculation for offset types

Version 1.1.0:
- added single instance saving to the IKAM-archiv
- fixed a bug on date sorting
- brought user guide up to date

Version 1.1.0b3:
- added AND (All) and OR (Any) conjunction searching for searches with more than one word
- improved error handling on searching
- fixed a bug on the alarm calculation when a new offset was entered and on offset change in general
- fixed autoload switch setting on import
- showing info of image in image info view: pixel width, height, bpp, data size
- activated font and color menu for TXT texts. Even though it has no effect for saving the user can choose a different font and color for display
- added feedback menu item under help menu item. The default eMail application is called with this.
- renamed item and value "reference" to "alias"

Version 1.1.0b2:
- fixed a bug that caused the app to crash on startup when no database and preferences exist

Version 1.1.0b1:
- implemented dates with range and alarm option. Using Growl for alarm notification if installed
- built-in texteditor has buttons for font and color panels
- export of complete items / import of complete folders
- much improved searching (not complete finished yet)
- SQLite version 3.3.5
- !!!attention: please make backup of your existing database

Version: 1.0.5:
- added HTML export option for exporting complete Item or ItemValue HTML lists
- updated SQLite to version 3.3.4 which is a bit faster and more relyable
- some other minor bugfixes

Version: 1.0.4:
- minor interface (menu) updates
- added 90 degree rotating for image viewer
- unregistered version will now expire after a 30 day trial period

Version: 1.0.3:
- universal binary support for Intel-Macs
- registration info is saved in preferences instead in the db itself. This makes using more dbs possible without entering registration info each time.
- update to SQLite version 3.2.8

Version: 1.0.2:
- fixed an annoying bug that caused in Text-Editor or Image-Viewer the controls to disappear
- right view divider now stores its position and restores it after a new start of the application
- some bugfixes to Image-Viewer and Text-Editor in general
- introduced "Up" and "Down" buttons in the toolbar to easily expand or collapse the right upper or lower views
(please alter the toolbar and assign the new default toolbar)

Version: 1.0.1:
- reworked menu validation and template menu
- deleting with <backspace> possible in Item Treeview and ItemValue Listview
- reworked printing of Item and ItemValue lists
- added update checker for informing the user about new available updates
- images in image viewer now can be scaled and saved in different formats
- some other bugfixes and improvements
- introduced a mailing list, please see below for subscription information

Version: 1.0.0:
- added better printing support. Now you can print list of selected ItemValues.
- added referencing (cloning) of Items and ItemValues
- some bugfixes